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Important Update

Government Announces Plan to Exempt Counsellors, Counselling Therapists, and Psychotherapists from GST/HST 

Among providers of mental health services in Canada, Counselling Therapists/Psychotherapists are the only mental health professionals required to charge GST/HST.


The problem

The problem


5.3 million

Canadians reported they needed help for their mental health in 2017.1


Canadians aged 18 and older screened positive for symptoms of depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in spring 2021.2

1 in 4


Counselling Therapy/
Psychotherapv Is the

most unmet need

of Canadians seeking nelp witn mental
nealth care.

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Counselling Therapists/
Psvchotherapists are the


mental health professionals required
to charge GST/HST.

Canadians should not have to pay tax on their mental health services.

Taking points
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Why we need your help

  1. This tax creates an unfair disadvantage for practitioners relative to other licensed mental health care professionals. 

  2.  Counselling Therapists/Psychotherapists are specifically trained to deliver therapy.
    Yet they are the only regulated mental health professionals still required to charge GST/HST


  3. The removal of GST/HST on counselling therapy/psychotherapy would increase access to services, by reducing the financial burden on our healthcare system, our workplaces and our communities.3

  4. Exempting counselling therapy/psychotherapy from GST/HST would reduce Canada’s revenue by 0.004%.

In Ontario alone, there are over 10,000 Psychotherapists registered to practice.  Removing the barrier of GST/HST nationally would make this mental health service more accessible.  

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